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December 08, 2015

MTV.COM – It’s not easy Christmas shopping for Magnus Bane. He’s literally seen and done it all in his 300 years. So what do you get for the immortal warlock who has everything? We asked author Cassandra Clare and the cast of Freeform’s (née ABC Family) upcoming series “Shadowhunters” what they would get the High Warlock of Brooklyn for the holidays — and needless to say, it sparked a few heated debates.

Does Magnus love Chairman Meow more than he loves Alec? Would an all-powerful warlock use a cleaning service? And when it comes to the age-old boxers vs. briefs debate, is Magnus really more of a sexy thong kind of guy? One thing is for certain: Magnus Bane is about to have a Christmas he’ll never forget.

2. Dominic Sherwood would get him something from Jace.
“I would probably get him my name on a plaque, so he doesn’t get it wrong,” Sherwood said. “Ever. Or maybe a backscratcher, or a head massager — of course, that would ruin the hair.”

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